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Market Expo reintroduced itself with great success!

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Market Expo, was successfully held from 5 to 7 of October at the Metropolitan Expo Centre with great succes!


✔️85% rise in buyers from abroad

✔️55% rise in professional visitors from Greece

✔️96 international buyers

 ✔️1.126 B2B meetings


1.126 B2B Meetings with 96 International Buyers

Market Expo, in its special designed meeting area, hosted 1.126 B2B meetings. Hosted Buyers from 11 countries (Germany as special guest country, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Spain and Turkey) attended the event and the B2B meetings with the exhibitors resulting important and productive agreements for the food, beverage and delicatessen industries.



Rise in attendance: 85% from abroad and 55% from Greece

Professionals from all over the world visited the exhibition. Trade visitors from abroad have almost been doubled with an increase of 85%. Domestic trade visitors were also impressively increased by 55%. A large majority of all trade visitors professed their satisfaction with the organisation of the exhibition.


Market Expo

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With a rapidly evolving retail sector, Market Expo is here to promote internationally the domestic food and beverage market and highlight the sector’s importance on tourism and hospitality industries

Market Expo will be held in Athens this October and aspires to give a new perspective on the Greek food & drink market, including premium gourmet products with a traditional identity, new ingredients & deli.

The show’s goal is to present the entire food and beverage market. Whether you’re a retailer, supermarket, wholesaler, distributor, hotel, cafe, or restaurant, you’ll discover exciting products and original ideas. A unique experience which will help you do business and networking, at the same time.

Market Expo will attract this year food and drink professionals and the biggest influential audience from across the whole industry. The upcoming event will meet the international challenges, and will help Greek and foreign companies grow their market shares and will give a great opportunity to visitors to discover new products, ideas and innovations!

This October, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and network with the industry’s finest!

Join the event!

Premium & Deli: The Greek Fine Products

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Variety, freshness, tradition, unique flavors with a regional touch and high quality guarantee are some of the key reasons why someone should taste the Greek delicacies. Deli goods which once meant sophisticated food, add nowadays a gourmet sense on our daily basis diet.

Greek fine products reveal gastronomic treasures of our country with aromas that take us back to the countryside and no matter how many years you may go by, you will never forget to enjoy. From tasty pies, traditional deserts, dairy products, wine, liqueurs, herbs, honey, dried fruits, nuts and spices to great pastas, oil and vinegars are some of the finest Greek traditional products. You can find them in selected stores, outposts of food indulgence, in Greece and abroad in a unique, brand new, modern face.

Market Expo this year will stimulate added interest in specialty food market and manage to redefine the Greek traditional products with their contemporary approach. Foodies all over the world, travel through stylish delicatessen stores, to every corner of our country, living a real gastronomic experience with Mediterranean designation of origin. Market expo highlights the new market opening, promotes culinary delicacies and signature tastes, reflecting the growing export orientation of agri-food sector, long viewed as one of the country’s most competitive industries.

Regional Group Participations

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The Greek regions (Attica, Peloponnese, Central Greece Region and the Agri-Partnership of Western Macedonia) will be also present in Market Expo this October!

It is all about an effort to bring into light selected Greek artisan producers and showcase the network “Landscape-Agricultural Economy-Agricultural Produce-Culture & Tourism”, which motivates Greek economic growth.

The principal goal of the regional group participation is to promote the traditional identity of every region in Greece, the unique local agricultural products of high commercial and nutritional value and improve the quality of local varieties.

Market Expo aims to record the best of what Greece has to offer in the food & beverage market and bring in touch local producers with professionals, actively supporting the agri-food sector.

Extroversion. Focus: Germany

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Market Expo gives exhibitors the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the right buyers and decision makers from the German food and drink industry.

Taking part in business meetings with German buyers, and getting access to a meeting schedule with trade professionals, entails direct connection with one of the greatest importing countries of Greek products.

B2B meetings between international hosted buyers and national exhibitors will offer a great chance to collaborate with major companies. The group of buyers includes super market chains, wholesalers, independent agents, buyer agencies, distributors, delicatessen, to name but a few.