Market Expo

Market Expo
by rota_minimarket

With a rapidly evolving retail sector, Market Expo is here to promote internationally the domestic food and beverage market and highlight the sector’s importance on tourism and hospitality industries.

Market Expo  will be held in Athens and aspires to give a new perspective on the Greek food & drink market, including premium gourmet products with a traditional identity, new ingredients & deli.

The show’s goal is to present the entire food and beverage market. Whether you’re a retailer, supermarket, wholesaler, distributor, hotel, cafe, or restaurant, you’ll discover exciting products and original ideas. A unique experience which will help you do business and networking, at the same time.

Market Expo will attract this year food and drink professionals and the biggest influential audience from across the whole industry. The upcoming event will meet the international challenges, and will help Greek and foreign companies grow their market shares giving a great opportunity to visitors to discover new products, ideas and innovations!

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and network with the industry’s finest! 

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General Information

  • Market Expo: an integrated food & drink, dynamic exhibition
  • Discover business opportunities
  • Achieve marketing goals
  • Extroversion: Buyers from Germany
  • Visitors: retail & catering specialists looking for business partners